Temples in Tieling - The beginning is the end

Temples in Tieling - The beginning is the end

A popular action-adventure game: "In every adventure film, there is always a scene where the hero finally gets the treasure but has to navigate through a maze full of traps to get out alive, Temple Run is such a scene, and this game is such a reason

In recent years, with the popularity of the network, traffic and the convenience of wifi itself has also triggered a great frenzy in the field of games, a variety of games have emerged, and some famous games can be said to be well known, whether it is the so-called King's Glory, Peace Elite or Tian Guan Ci Fu and so on.It is also because of this that many games that were once popular are covered up, and today we are going to introduce a single game, Temple Run is also listed among them.

This game, as the name suggests, is an escape game, which is commonly known as parkour game, which has a variety of different levels of obstacles, for these obstacles have different levels of requirements, such as slide up to jump, swing the screen left and right to move the position of the character on the track, or slide the character to the left and right to turn. In fact, these are relatively common settings, the game itself is also inclined to simplicity and relaxation, but to succeed in achieving a high historical record is not an easy task.

Because this inside the obstacles set up can really be described as a lot of hair, as long as the reaction is a little slow will trigger the obstacles, and trigger the obstacles in general, direct death, especially the cliff, burning, etc., will certainly die. And to succeed in dodging obstacles requires full concentration, will focus all attention on the game, if there is a trace of distraction that can only be from the beginning!

Game Configuration

iOS version

Version 1.17.1 update

Version: 1.17.1

Size: 180.59 MB

Developed by: Imangi Studios, LLC

Environment: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. or higher

Android version

Latest Version: 1.17.0

Software Size: 48.23 MB Support Mobile Resolution

Operating Environment

Android System Version Requirements

4.4 and higher

Skill Introduction

Coin Value: You can change the color of coins, red coins can get more skill energy.

Shield duration: Upgrade this skill to extend the duration of the shield, note that the shield only has effect on the obstacles on the road, if you fall off the cliff the shield will be invalid.

Coin Magnet: Upgrade this skill can extend the duration of the magnet.

Boost Distance: upgrade this skill can extend the running distance of the acceleration props.

Pickup spawn: can make the chance of props to increase, the specific increase in the number of temporarily do not know.

power meter: upgrade this skill, the upper left corner of the energy bar to fill the energy will increase.

save me: you can use gems to resurrect the game after failure.

head start: After upgrading this skill, you can reduce the amount of money spent at the beginning of the acceleration.

Score Multiplier: You can add to the score to get a higher score.

The above is the introduction of Temple Run props. Note that you can learn new skills as soon as you buy a new character. When playing the game, if the energy bar is full, you only need to double tap the screen twice to trigger the skill, and each character only needs to click the button next to it to choose the skill.

You can also choose to use gems to extend the duration of skills.

The cliffs in the game do not jump, basically are forks in the road, turn to the left or turn to the right can be. In addition, inside the mine we just need to shake the phone left and right. Then there are the gems, the game if you unfortunately failed, you can choose to use the gems to resurrect, but the cost is too much, the first time you need 1.

But the cost is too great, the first time you need 1 gem, the second time you need 2 gems, then there are 4 gems, 8 gems, that is to say, the number of gems required for each resurrection is 2 times the number of gems you spent on the last resurrection, fun, you can't help but want to do it again!

Game Operation

The operation of the game is not as simple as most similar games which only have one or two keys to run and jump, but players can perform a series of actions by touching.

Slide your finger to the left or right to turn the character to the left or right, while slide up or down to jump or slide through various obstacles.

Players can also rely on gravity sensing, tilting the player's phone left and right to let your character move left and right on the way forward. In addition to falling off a cliff or hitting a trap will make the game fail, tripping over roots on the ground or hitting an obstacle and falling will also make the player be taken out by the pursuers.

Any mistakes in the game will make the game fail. But the game is not only so simple. There are also many gold coins scattered along the player's escape route, and the player only needs to come across them to collect them.

These collected gold coins can be used to unlock a number of skills, which can be of various types, such as temporary invincibility or a magnetic force that attracts gold coins from around the player.

In addition, these skills can be upgraded, which means that the player will be motivated to keep "doing it again" and collect more coins to complete more challenges.

But the game also has a major drawback, no matter how far the player ran, how many turns, but the scene is basically the same. The game's scene changes are too little, from beginning to end are the same make people wonder if the player is on the same track.

So there are always people who want to ask how the game can pass it? In fact, Temple Run is never pass, as long as you do not trip, hit the wall or fall into the water, etc., you can always play, because the game is set that the earth is round, the starting point is the end!

Installation Guide

Please download the apk file from the "Download Address", then use the PC tool to install the downloaded apk file, or put the apk file directly into the memory card in your phone and use the file manager to install it.

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